U.S. SAM Survey of National and Regional Marketers Targeting Local Audiences

BIA’s new survey series, Survey of Advertising and Marketing: SAM™ – replaces our long-running survey series Local Commerce Monitor™ (LCM) that surveyed small and medium businesses (SMBs), or firms with less than 100 employees.

The U.S. SAM survey includes local and now multi-location/regional and national businesses that target local audiences in their advertising and marketing. It offers broad and deep insights into all businesses within the local ad marketplace.

How to Access SAM

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Findings from SAM

Two-Thirds of Marketing Budgets Go to Local Advertising, Across All Sizes of Businesses (Read More)

Advertising Total Marketing Budget
What SAM Delivers
  • Coverage of Large & Small Businesses

    SAM includes large and small businesses to deliver meaningful insights to companies who target larger advertisers who often also have a higher dollar spend.

  • Large Sample Size

    SAM is our largest advertiser survey to date – 1,500 up from 1000 in 2017. The increased size will offer better representation of the local advertising market and support deeper dives into the data.

  • Comprehensive Analysis

    The low cost of digital is changing what businesses spend on advertising vs. promoting their business. SAM separates advertising usage and spend from promotional items to more accurately track where dollars are going. The survey also offers more details into traditional and digital ad use and spend.

  • Topical questions

    SAM covers important topics such as audience targeting, co-op advertising funds, video and more.

  • Vertical Data

    SAM includes data on key local industries like auto and finance and on the ad trends of franchisees.

  • Trending:

    SAM provides trending for the SMB segment.

Who Uses SAM
  • Local Sales Managers and Account Representatives
  • CMOs
  • Businesses Development Directors
  • Product & Marketing  Managers
  • PR and Communications Managers
  • Sales Training Directors
How Sam is Used
  • Sales presentations
  • Product roadmaps
  • Training programs and tools
  • Market sizing and marketing opportunity strategies
  • Industry marketing
  • New market or product entry strategies
  • PR initiatives
SAM Methodology

SAM is an online conducted annually with research partners. For the study, definitions include:

  • A small business has from 1 to 99 employees
  • A large business has more than 100 employees

SAM draws its sample of business respondents from a mix of nationally scoped MSAs, primarily based on first- and second-tier markets. Findings are weighted to reflect the incidence of businesses by size bracket, according to size bracket data provided by the U.S. Bureau of the Census.