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Staying on the cutting edge of what drives the local ecosystem.

The Internet, smartphone, social media and video have radically changed the way we live and how local media is consumed.

Our research reveals key insights for devising innovative strategies around digital, mobile, social and video.

As Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have become major vehicles for many businesses to market their products and services, print-based companies continue to experience significant erosion in usage and advertising.

Companies operating within local need to understand the dynamics, the competition, new technologies, unique positioning, what firms to watch, potential partners and what it will take to survive and be successful in this marketplace.

BIA/Kelsey has spent its 30-plus year history examining and tracking the technologies and the companies involved in local advertising and marketing.

Our analysts interact daily with the top executives at traditional and digital companies that are driving change and those trying to figure it out. Through our extensive network of contacts, ongoing competitive intelligence and strategic consulting assignments, we have in-depth knowledge of what is happening and who to watch.

We keep our clients on the cutting edge of local so they lead confidently.

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