BIA ADVantage is the leading local market advertising intelligence platform. It delivers powerful data, insights and analysis around local advertising revenue.


Track nationwide and local market advertising spend projections with BIA ADVantage™.

BIA delivers comprehensive predictive analytics and insights on local traditional and digital advertising. This proprietary data is delivered in an easy-to-use platform called BIA ADVantage.

BIA ADVantage offers powerful data visualizations, along with valuable insights and analytics, around media spend by over 95 industries in each market.

Clients of BIA ADVantage include broadcast and digital media companies, agencies and solution providers. With the platform, clients are successfully sizing local market opportunities, developing effective sales campaigns, improving budgeting and, most importantly, growing local revenue.

Inside BIA ADVantage

BIA ADVantage is available for all 210 television markets and 268 CBSA (radio) markets. It delivers  delivers data vital for business, sales and product development:

  • Local market and nationwide ad spend projections
  • Five year ad forecasts for 13 media and 95 business verticals
  • Estimates of local online/digital/mobile advertisers, including Google, Facebook, Twitter
  • Local Radio and TV market profiles
  • Industry reports covering top media technologies and trends driving the industry
  • Insights into buying activities of local advertisers
  • BIA’s Interactive Broadcasting & Newspaper Database (MEDIA Access Pro)
  • TV station-level day-part information including total day and for seven different day-parts and local market audience ratings (Comscore partner data)
  • Client-only briefings on timely topics such as ATSC 3.0, ad fraud, advanced TV and state of media industries

BIA ADVantage forecast data is refreshed quarterly basis and new analysis is published weekly by BIA’s industry analysts, research and call-out team.

Who Uses BIA ADVantage
  • Corporate executives
  • Sales Executives
  • Digital Managers
  • CMOs
  • Agency Representatives
  • Station Managers
  • Businesses Development Directors
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Training Directors
How BIA ADVantage is Used
  • Identifying new revenue opportunities
  • Sales strategy development and implementation
  • Market sizing
  • New market or product entry strategies
  • M&A decisions
  • Management & board Meetings
  • Industry training
New in BIA ADVantage: Over-the-Top (OTT) Media Forecast

As consumers shift their viewing habits, Over-the-Top (OTT) gives broadcasters an opportunity to extend the value of their traditional over-the-air content.

BIA has added OTT to its forecast to scope the revenue opportunity. Now, in BIA ADVantage, subscribers can get the OTT revenue estimate for a local market and for all 95 verticals.


BIA’s OTT ad forecast focuses on the local activation of OTT video impressions on Connected TVs.  We define OTT advertising as locally targeted advertising included on streaming video that is delivered to TV sets via Internet connections.

Nov OTT Email
Comscore Data in BIA ADVantage: Daypart and Audience Data

BIA ADVantage now offers a deeper view into TV markets with station-level local TV audience data from comScore.

Leveraging comScore’s local TV information delivers valuable audience details for every station in all 210 local television markets, including:

  • Local market station ratings
  • Audience share
  • Average audience.

The Comscore data includes results for the total day and for seven different dayparts.

Assess how well your station(s) are doing in attracting overall audiences and better understand your competitive position and opportunities.

More about the data partnership with comScore

Benefits of BIA ADVantage


  • Track paid spending across 12 media to target local audiences.
  • Examine vertical ad spend to identify potential revenue.
  • Compare your media to other in-market media and identify where ad spend can be expanded.


  • Identify verticals where share of wallet could be increased.
  • Strategize business opportunity as it relates to digital.
  • Isolate revenue generation activities to stay competitive.


  • Use forecast and advertiser survey data to prepare sales plans.
  • Explain advertising opportunities to customers.
  • Become a knowledgeable industry expert and advisor to your customers.

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BIA ADVantage Platforms Insights & Analytics
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BIA ADVantage delivers the local market forecast data necessary to increase your share of the ad spend in your market.

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